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Petsitting in Richmond (West End)

Welcome Biscuit – the first official cat of our petsitting ventures!

Biscuit, a beautiful orange tabby cat, recently joined the home of one our other clients, Hannah, a fun-loving yellow lab. This dynamic duo lives in the picturesque West End neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. After a year together, they are finally starting to enjoy each other’s company, while also putting up with one another’s quirks.

While Biscuit is MIA in the morning, Hannah made sure to get us up very early. She is definitely a morning dog and wants everyone to share her excitement of getting up before sunrise. At 6am, Hannah promptly jumps up on the bed to signal it’s time to start the day.

March was our last petsit here (just for Hannah) when it was cold and rainy. This time, we enjoyed a warm, sunny stay in August. Sunbeams streamed through the home’s large windows, prompting Biscuit to find the ideal spot to curl up for a catnap.

The summer weather made our long walks with Hannah more enjoyable too.

The trees along the winding streets were in full bloom. It was especially peaceful in the early morning, with most of the neighborhood still sleep.

Biscuit seemed to particularly relish moments when Hannah was out of the house. As master of his domain, he wandered each room searching for places to lounge to enjoy a commanding view. Inevitably, Hannah would burst through the door causing Biscuit to dart back his ears in annoyance and scamper away.

Biscuit often sought refuge in the lower level sunroom and would remain there for hours.

After avoiding Hannah most of the day, he’d eventually saunter up the stair, walking right past her as if prompting her to react. But by then, Hannah was in full nap mode. With the hotter temperatures outside, the cool, wooden floors were the ultimate reprieve. Lazy, hazy days of summer indeed.

One afternoon, Biscuit discovered something curious: a ball-like object made of strips of Scotch tape. For a solid hour, Biscuit entertained himself (and us) batting around this sticky impromptu toy. Hannah watched the spectacle, not knowing what to make of it. None of us dared to interrupt. Clearly, Biscuit was having a moment!

In the late afternoon, we’d take Hannah on another walk which gave Biscuit his time to shine alone in the house once again. By evening time, our adventures with both pets would wind down.

While relaxing on the couch, Hannah often laid down at our feet. Sometimes, she’d rest her chin on our leg (adorable.) As usual, Biscuit would be farther away observing all of us, as if considering whether or not to stay or retreat.

Perhaps he was waiting to have the place to himself again in the morning. We like to think he was actually enjoying being with all of us.

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