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Petsitting in San Francisco

Hitting the streets with city dog Silas led to hilly walks, scenic Bay views and even a wine country escape.

In a Victorian townhouse in Russian Hill, lives 12-year old mixed breed, Silas. After a genetic test, his owners found out he’s mostly Doberman and German Shepherd with a little Akita. Silas looks pretty intimidating, but is an extremely mellow and sweet dog.

Silas was rescued from a shelter in New York and lived in Pittsburgh and Seattle before his owners settled in San Francisco. His home is near famed Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. The area is a huge draw for tourists. When we took Silas on walks, he made his way nonchalantly through the crowds. Inevitably, people would notice him and ask to pet him. He obliged, patiently waiting to get back to his business, which included sniffing everything in sight.

Silas, an Alpha dog, knows what he wants and often led the way on our many walks.

One of his favorite walks started down at Fisherman’s Wharf. Passing by Cannery Row, a touristy shopping area, we’d stroll the promenade along the water near the Maritime Museum. From here, we’d take in gorgeous views of the Bay, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. After making a slight uphill climb, we entered a beautiful tree-lined path. This opened up onto the expansive Great Meadow Park at Fort Mason, filled with people relaxing, exercising and walking dogs. From here, we’d make our way up winding staircases, through hilltop parks and eventually reach home. After each outing, Silas would hop up on his favorite spot at the end of the couch and take a big, long nap.

One day we took Silas on a day trip to Sonoma County. He could barely contain his excitement. Leaving his designated space in the back of the car, he quickly made his way up front for a prime view of the road. While a city dog at heart, Silas clearly enjoyed the country’s fresh air, wide open spaces and different smells. Given Silas’ nomadic history, we’re guessing he’s content just about anywhere.

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