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Petsitting in San Francisco (Corona Heights)

With a name like Toodleloo, we’ re bound to have fun!

Originally heralding from the Deep South, this laid-back miniature labradoodle lived in Atlanta, Georgia before moving out west with her humans to be a bonafide NoCal gal. They live in an adorably chic condo in the Corona Heights neighborhood, not far from Haru, another petsitting pup of ours.

In a relatively short time, Toodleloo has lived in quite a few places in San Francisco. Initially in the Tenderloin, she moved to Sausalito before settling in beautiful Eureka Valley. She also gets to enjoy frequent visits to her second home in the small mountain town of Truckee, located near Lake Tahoe. Lucky dog!

Stretching between Buena Vista Park and Eureka Valley, Corona Heights is ideally situated – close to Market Street and all the happenings in the lively Castro area. Best of all, the neighborhood park is just a short stroll away – one of Toodleloo’s favorite spots.

Our days begin in Corona Heights Park, where many other city pups like to gather.

The park has a large grassy area and while Toodleloo can easily be off-leash, signs warning us of coyotes in the area make us reconsider. Last thing we need is a coyote running off with our Toodleloo! Once done with her business, we make a short loop around the neighborhood before heading home.

One of Toodleloo’s funny quirks is that she can be very set in her ways. When it comes to her daily walks, she often has her own routine in mind. Whenever we try to venture further afield, she often stops in her tracks, letting us know she has no intention of entertaining our wild, wandering ways. Home we go…

Her morning breakfast routine is quite the event! It consists of us putting out a trail of kibbles leading to her food dish. Once she reaches it, we let her peacefully eat without any distractions. Once finished, we have a big celebration for her accomplishment, complete with a brief game of fetch.

Toodleloo’s feisty spirit comes out when retrieving toys. Like her walks, she starts out strong but quickly lets us know when she’s ready to call it quits.

It’s no exaggeration that Toodleloo’s favorite pastime is simply hanging out with her people. Her parents both work from home with dedicated work spaces in separate rooms. Keeping the tradition, we assumed their individual stations, working away as Toodleloo alternated visits between the two of us.

We know it’s important to keep a pet’s routine as normal as possible. Toodleloo makes that easy for us by being such an easygoing pup. Aside from fetch, Toodleloo also shows her unexpected excitable side when she hears any noise outside. In fact, the slightest sound can set off a litany of surprisingly loud barks. It’s quite entertaining to see her get so riled up!

The commotion is usually over in a few minutes. Just another part of Toodleloo’s everyday routine… “I’ve taken care of everything,” she seems to convey as she lays down, resuming her dedicated spot on the floor.

Evenings with Toodleloo are especially relaxing as we prepare dinner, followed by a post-meal cuddle on the couch.

After one more game of fetch, we eventually turn in and Toodleloo heads to her designated doggie bed in the bedroom. But first, we put out a blanket on the sofa in the den. Her parents told us that during the night, Toodleloo makes her way to this spot to enjoy some time on her own. In the morning, she then “sneaks” back into the bedroom before anyone wakes up. Such a rebel…

From east coast to west coast, Toodleloo has adapted to every new place while maintaining her independent, fun-loving and chill personality. In looking up the name “toodleloo,” we learned that “toodle” comes from the word, “toddle,” which means to walk in a relaxed manner (how fitting!) And of course, “toodleloo” is another way of saying “see you soon.”

Toodleloo… Toodleloo!

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